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Welcome to Welltech Foundation

Welltech Foundation is a Organization registered under Societies Registration Act and is a Non-Profit Organization which is working against all the health hazardous faced by the people in India right from the childhood to old age, we the foundation members have committed to work on all the health ground issues to see that all the citizens in India must be in a healthy environment. We believe that every person in India has ‘RIGHT TO LIVE’. Every citizen has right to live within a healthy atmosphere. As there are no such situations in India regarding the public health due to various reasons either it may be due to pollution, awareness, lack of education etc., Especially we fight for the health of those people who are poor, uneducated and lack of awareness and due to which many people are loosing their lives and facing lot of health problems. We are in favour of those poor and uneducated people to bring light in their lives and also to enjoy their Right to Live.

Welltech Foundation is rendering services in bringing awareness in the poor, uneducated and general public regarding the preventive measures to be taken to avoid all sorts of diseases, in association with Private Entrepreneurs and other interested persons. Welltech Foundation is ready to work with those likeminded people, N.G.O‘s, Private organizations like Corporate Social Responsibilities (C.S.R) and even with the Government in bringing back the good health conditions in poor and uneducated people in India., as we believe that “Healthy India is Wealthy India”. Fighting against HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Polio, Dengue Fever and Malaria etc., is also part of our foundation motto.

As per the W.H.O report on the diseases caused by mosquitoes like Malaria, India is one of the most effected country in the World along with other countries like Ethiopia (Africa), Indonesia and Pakistan. So basing on the report of W.H.O we the WELLTECH FOUNDATION have decided to fight against all the diseases caused by mosquitoes like Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Filariasis, etc., According to the latest WHO estimates, released in December 2016, there were 212 million cases of malaria in 2015 and 429 000 deaths. Welltech Foundation wants to see that India’s name must be in list of W.H.O as “Mosquito Diseases Free Country”.

Updates by Welltech Foundation

Welltech Foundation Donated Mosquito BedNets and Fixed Mesh Doors in Hostel.

Welltech Foundation Donated Mosquito Bed Net Dumping Yard Employees

Welltech Foundation Donated Mosquito Bed Nets in Chilka Nagar with 7th Div.Corporator

Donated Mosquito BedNets to GHMC Employees by GHMC SP

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Mosquito Preventions is our Motto

The fatality of the malaria in adult cases, the disease keeps them away from the work and rob their families with their daily livelyhood.
There were an estimated 214 million malaria cases worldwide in 2015, mostly pregnant women and children.

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