Meet Our Team

CH. Veera Chary


CH. Veera Chary, Welltech Foundation which is a Non Government Organisation. who started Welltech Services pvt ltd, 16 years ago manufacturing mosquito screen nets. During his valuable tenure with the company he encountered many customers sufferring from Malaria and other diceases due to mosquito bites. He started thinking how people in villages facing the problem of mosquitoes distributed and helped them tolaunch innovative net distribution(also mosquito bed nets) and education campaigns with local leadership.

Gandham Gnaneshwar Rao is also faculty member in malaria eradication programme. He is a manager in Welltech Services Pvt Ltd, a well versed person where he leads a state level advocacy team in engaging with governments, multilateral institutions. He, who also knows roots of slum areas and villages. encountered many people suffering from disease like malaria, dengue etc.He along with the President distributed mosquito bed nets to the poor in villages, with the help of public and private partners to advance malaria elimination.

Kumar Inspired by the services rendered by the Welltech Services Pvt Ltd, he joined to contribute his share of eradicating malaria with the help of the foundation.